What To Wear for Your Photo Shoot


What is best to wear to give your gorgeous portraits the extra edge? What works and what doesn't? This article will set out some guidelines for you to help you decide on your selection of outfits for your photo session.


Have a number of outfits ready


Doing  the session in your own home means you have your complete wardrobe ready at hand. Have a critical search through your clothes to remind yourself what you already have that might work well in a photo. Make sure that what you wish to wear for your session is washed (as in not in the laundry basket at the time of your shoot) and crease free. In general it is better to have more outfits ready then you might end up using for your photos.


Make an effort


Your portrait session only lasts a few hours but your portraits and what you are wearing in them will exist and be viewed for a long time to come. It pays to pay a little attention to detail. The outfits you'll be wearing for the photo shoot do not necessarily have to be something you would wear normally. A fine art portrait can greatly benefit from more boldly or extravagant outfits. The right outfit can also help to make you feel even more special in front of the camera.


Go shopping


Perhaps doing a photo session is a perfect time to treat yourself and extend your wardrobe with something completely new. A little tip learned from working with professional models and stylists; Almost all shopping outlets allow you to try and return what you don't like. You can purchase a few extra items specially for the photo session and then return them to the shop after the shoot. Most shopping labels can easily be tucked away, hidden from view or edited out if they're not too big. A perfect and effective way to style your portraits but do check the store's terms and conditions first.


What to avoid


Definitely avoid clothing with print like for example t-shirts or shirts about musicians, advertising an event or have a slogan printed on them. The majority of these prints make a bigger statement then is desirable for a portrait and cannot that easily be edited out. Be careful with patterns like horizontal stripes, big dots and such. Some patterns work but a lot of them don't. Extremely bright and clashing colours don't work that well either in fine art portraiture.


Something Casual


Something casual like jeans and a t-shirt or a simple dress are a good way to start your photo session. It will ease you into the shoot and prepare you for the shots with the outfits that will more likely create that fine-art look to your portraits.


Something simple


One item that almost always produces very usable shots is the humble sleeveless vest. A vest that bares the shoulders creates a more intimate feel to a portrait without being intrusive.


Going smart


That beautiful party dress, that incredibly smart suit, the to die for top with lace sleeves and collar or that beautiful dress you bought in a whim but are never wearing because you're worried it might just be a little too much; this would be the perfect occasion to put it on.


Period or themed


One way to enhance your fine art portrait is to dress up in period clothing. Heijo's style lends itself perfectly to different styles from different eras. Victorian and Edwardian clothing never fail to deliver as do sixties rock and roll outfits. Auction sites like Ebay are a good place to find something truly unique that can make your portraits stand out even further.


A little thought about undergarments


Good portraits can be let down by little overlooked details. When sorting out your outfits pay some attention to your underwear as well. Undergarment with for example lace or thick seams can shape the fabric of your outfit and make your portrait look less tidy. The same goes for visible straps that have nothing to do with the outfit you're wearing. Underwear in photos that is not part of the outfit looks best when it can't be seen.


The finishing touch


Once you decided which outfits you're going to use for your photo shoot you might want to finish it all off with some fitting earrings and necklaces. As with outfits have a few things or sets to play around with rather then just one.


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