Heijo's Terms and Conditions


The way in which Heijo works might not be what you are used to from other photographers. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding there are some terms and conditions to which you must agree when booking your session. Don't forget to read the "Your Experience" section too.


-Photo sessions are for up to a maximum of three people/siblings. More people is possible but an additional sitting fee may apply depending on the number of people.


-Heijo's portraiture is suitable for children, pre-teens, teens and adults from approximately eight years old and up.


-For children and teens under the age of eighteen a parent or legal carer of that child or teen must be present at and during the session.


-Be familiar with Heijo's style and high standard of work and understand that your photos will be different from the kind of portraits often produced at many of the high street studios.


-Please do not take pictures of the shoot itself or film the session on your smartphone or any other camera.


-Please make sure that you and your child have plenty of time to do the shoot. It is best not to plan any other activities for after your session.


-A deposit has to be paid in advance to secure your booking.


-The deposit can be used towards your file, print and frame purchases.


-Paid deposit can be fully refunded should you not be happy with your photos at the time of your viewing. A full refund can only be agreed for at the time of your viewing and only if you do not like any of the photos. No print, frame or file purchases can be made once a refund has been agreed for and none of the images from your session can be claimed in any other way or form. Heijo will retain the right to use photos from your session for publication and promotional purposes if a release from has been signed for at the time of the sitting.


-Paid deposit can be refunded if you have to cancel your session but only if you cancel three days or more before your booked session is due to take place. Rescheduling your session is possible up to 6 hours before your shoot is due to take place but in this case the deposit becomes non-refundable if you have to reschedule within three days of your session.


-A travel fee (for Heijo coming to you) may be asked for if Heijo needs to travel further out and has to be paid in advance together with your deposit. Travel fees are not refundable.


-The number of sessions Heijo can do are limited and Heijo does reserve the right not to accept a job without any need for Heijo to give any reason for not accepting it.


-During your photo session Heijo will take many many photos but at your viewing session Heijo will only show you the best photos from that session. Which photos and how many photos are marked as best is up to Heijo's professional judgment and is not negotiable. On average between ten and fifteen photos are shown to a client.


-Post processing will be carried out on the best photos from your session in a way that Heijo feels works best for each image and is solely at Heijo's professional discretion. At your viewing Heijo will only show you the edited versions. Unedited versions and the remaining photos from your session will be archived and cannot be viewed.


-To promote Heijo's work and business Heijo may use your photos on His website, on social media like Facebook and Twitter, in printed media or license the photos to third parties. For this Heijo may ask you to sign a release form. It is okay if you do not wish to sign a release form, just let Heijo know.


-All copyrights of all the photos Heijo takes of you or your children remain solely and unequivocal that of Heijo (Heijo van de Werf in full). Having paid a sitting fee, a deposit or purchasing photos does not transfer the copyright. You are committing a criminal offence if you copy, screen grab, reproduce, publish offline or online any of Heijo's work in any form or manner without Heijo's explicit consent. You are permitted to share your purchased photos with friends and family on social media or use them on your acting/modeling/business profile page. However you are not permitted to use any of the photos on any merchandise without Heijo's written approval.


-It is not allowed to alter or make any changes to any of Heijo's work without Heijo's  explicit permission. This includes but is not limited to crop and colour as well as removing the logo.


-If for any reason you have to cancel your photo session please do let Heijo know as far in advance as is possible. Rescheduling your session is never a problem.




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