About Heijo

Taking the young seriously.


Heijo is a passionate portrait photographer fascinated by young people transitioning from childhood into adulthood. The teenage years is the period when a person’s personality and individuality is largely formed. Heijo loves the challenge of capturing that youthful and fresh personality whilst simultaneously creating confidence boosting fine art portraits of the emerging young person.


Heijo studied photography at the School for Professional Photography (Fotovakschool) in the Netherlands during the early nineties.


Just before the millennium change Heijo and his wife moved to the United Kingdom. Here, Heijo started work as a Research Technician at Birkbeck College in London, an enjoyable and rewarding job solving technical problems in aid of science.


Yet, the passion for photography kept calling and in two thousand and twelve Heijo bit the bullet and launched his photography career. Taking his portable studio to his clients Heijo started off broadly with child portraiture, infant photography and family portraits as well as headshots for young professionals gaining great popularity amongst child and teen actors and young musicians.


Working with young people and having two teenagers of his own Heijo started to realise that teenagers seem to be a forgotten and neglected group in UK portraiture. Parents and grandparents fill their walls with baby, toddler and primary school photos yet there are hardly any of the beautiful young individuals their children or grandchildren have become.


He found that he has a natural talent for making teenagers feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, simply by taking them seriously and respecting their views. Working with these young individuals Heijo has developed his own unique signature portrait style that celebrates the young individual emerging about to take big steps towards adulthood.


Heijo lives and works from Beckenham, South East London and takes his studio to clients throughout the South East of England. Professional, friendly and patient, Heijo’s already extensive portfolio of young people is ever growing and ever evolving.


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